Internal Iron Palm refers to the internal component of palm training.  This includes the use of qigong and possibly dit da jow in one’s palm conditioning.  Many versions of this technique have qigong exercises that are performed before, after, or both before and after the external component of training. The qigong is thought to help relax, heal, and move the qi to the appropriate part of the body. Traditional belief holds that the qigong portion is the yin component that balances out the yang component of the striking exercises.

It can also refer to training methods that are mostly internal based, meaning they rely more on internal development and qigong training to generate power as opposed to external methods such as hitting a bag. This involves various qigong exercises, standing, and moving meditations.

Strictly internal methods are rare, as most methods involve a mixture of internal and external training.  Internal palm training involves lots of qigong and internal strengthening exercises designed to allow one to bring the qi to the hands for strikes. The external component also allows the practitioner to develop usable skills faster.

Programs that combine internal and external training are usually considered to be superior, and also the safest over time.